A game made for the GUDEV Game Jam 8.

Use the A and D keys to dodge obstacles, and see how far you can get!

No matter how far you get, the exit is always too far away...


  • Coding :
    • Jonathan Sprague
    • Tom Whitehouse
  • Sound:
    • Daniel Butler
  • Art:
    • Morgan Livingstone
    • Kaspar Ambuehl

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsoogieflip98, coconut_pie, NotMianbao, butsay, kinryuu
TagsEndless, Horror, Runner, Spooky


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Good game to play for a high score but would have liked some monster following me or something to add tension.

Hi, Thanks for the comment! We did actually have a monster modelled and animated, but didn't have time to put it in the final version before our 48 hour deadline.